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How to Monitor Your Home with a SmartPhone

As smart home technology evolves, home security is no longer limited to just security alarms. Smart home technology includes everything from smart locks to smart thermostats. And one of the newest tools in home security is smart monitoring. The service allows you to monitor your home using a smart device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer. With a smart monitoring plan, you’ll be able to monitor your home from anywhere, receive real-time alerts of activity in your home, adjust your home’s temperature, and even control your smart security system.

Smartphones are the perfect device to monitor your home. With Verisure Home Security systems and ones from other companies, you could check on things like your security system and fire detectors. With certain packages, you could also get readings on the thermostat at home to help you save money on your energy bills from. You can also check on door locks to help keep an eye on your pets. In addition, you could be informed if there is an intruder in your home with the help of motion sensors.
The best part is that many devices and apps are compatible with one another, so you can easily switch to the next best option if a feature or app isn’t available.

Below are some ways you can monitor your home using a smartphone.

Home automation

While home automation used to be associated with luxury, it’s quickly becoming a more affordable option for homeowners. The ability to control your home remotely from anywhere is becoming more and more common. Smart automation solutions like the ones offered by Crestron or other such home automation brands allow you to control your home’s lights, temperature, locks, and entertainment just by talking to your assistant. This can be done with the expertise of trusted Crestron Dealers or similar professionals offering automation systems who can seamlessly integrate these modern solutions into your living space. As a result, the benefits of a smart and connected home are within reach for more homeowners than ever before.

Remotely start your vehicle.

One of the ways how to monitor your home with a smartphone is to add a remote start system to your vehicle. What are the benefits of a remote start? First, it’s safer to remotely start your vehicle on a cold winter morning when you don’t want to be scraping ice off your car. Secondly, it makes your car more comfortable to drive since you won’t have to crank up the heat or A/C before you get in. Lastly, it saves you money since you won’t run the heater or A/C as long. How much can you save with remote start? With the national average for fuel hovering around $2 a gallon and with gas prices predicted to increase, the remote start system will pay for itself quickly.

Smart keys

Want to keep an eye on your home while you’re away? If you’ve invested in a smart security system, you can now monitor your home remotely-and unlock your front door with it. The latest versions of popular smart security systems from companies like ADT and Vivint allow you to unlock the front door of your home while you’re away using an app on your phone.

Pet feeder

With a Smart Phone, you can check on your pets. So, if you are away on a business trip or vacation, you can remotely monitor your pets with your smartphone and see who’s in the house, eating well, and getting enough exercise. Pet feeders are one of the best ways to monitor your home when you have a Smart Phone.

Security system

Home security is one of the ways to keep your home safe from intruders. The most common way to keep your home safe from intruders is to install an alarm system and access control gates. You can set the alarm system with a low battery alarm, so if the sensors have the power, it will stop sending notifications, but if they do not have power, it will direct your phone to the secure page from the alarm system.

Smart HVAC

You can finally unchain yourself from the misery of going into the basement or attic to adjust your settings. Smart thermostats and monitors from report directly to your phone or smart hub. You could turn your home’s interior temperature up or down when you’re away and know when fuel in the furnace is getting low without getting up from your seat. Be aware that smart thermostats can be pricier than their manual counterparts, and some can’t control multiple zones.

Motion-activated security cameras

Motion-activated security cameras are a smart way to get a picture of what’s going on in your home. This type of camera monitors the movements in your home and wirelessly sends pictures directly to your smartphone.

Monitoring your home while away is easier than ever with today’s smart home technology. With smart doorbells and security cameras, you can monitor your home and property. But the best smart home technology comes in the form of smart thermostats.

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