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Creativity comes in many forms and, however you choose to express it, creativity is a safe space for you to show the world who you truly are. Personally, I am particularly passionate about photography, but I also love art of all sorts, so this blog will explore both of these things, with a bit of interior design thrown in for good measure – creativity can (and should) extend to your home too! 

Unleashing the power of Photography...

A photograph freezes a moment in time… it captures a story, an emotion, a story about someone’s life that will soon become nothing more than a memory. They fulfil our desire to capture what we find beautiful and interesting, as a window into the past and an opportunity to explore human nature in its rawest form.

What This Blog Entails...

Bethany Gooding

Bethany Gooding

hello there

Hey! I’m Bethany, an interior designer from the UK with a strong passion for photography and exploring the arts.