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5 Ways to Prepare for a Trade Show

The best way to prepare for a trade show is to have a booth ready. If you have an empty booth, it’s best not to show a lack of interest. It will attract too many potential customers.

Here Are Five Ways to Prepare for a Trade Show:

Create And Distribute a Trade Show Booth Media Kit 

That includes your logo, photos, a 60-second video, and company bio. Include primary contact details, website, social media links, and an understandable value proposition. While trade show attendees may not remember everything about your booth, they will certainly remember your media kit. Including photos, videos, and graphics will help attendees remember your brand. Create additional media kits to distribute to employees, customers, and prospects.

Create A Trade Show Press Release

The press release should include your company name, logo, and tagline; product/service description; contact information. It is a great way to distribute information about your upcoming trade show. It is also important for journalists to know that you have an upcoming trade show. This adds credibility to your upcoming event and can help in generating leads. A press release also lets people know about your company. It will promote your upcoming trade show and your booth, and it can help you get attention from the media and attendees. A press release will also let your customers know about the upcoming trade show.

Create And Distribute Your Trade Show Email Blast

It should capture your booth visitors’ attention and encourage them to visit your booth. Marketing companies typically recommend sending out an email blast to your company’s customers or prospects at least 6 weeks before the date of the show. This email should inform recipients about the trade show and the type of companies that will be attending, as well as include relevant information, such as location and hours. Though it is important to send this out early, it is best to tailor the email specifically for each company.

Create A Trade Show Postcard

Create a trade show postcard with a QR code that leads to your booth. Include your booth number, logo, event dates, and booth location. Promote your trade show postcard in your other marketing efforts. It is not enough just to market this postcard; you also must market your other marketing efforts. Postcards are one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract visitors to your booth at a trade show. They give you an opportunity to provide a quick visual snapshot of your company, an overview of your product, and a call to action.

Create And Distribute a Trade Show E-Postcard

Reminds your booth visitors to return to your booth and passes along event details, including directions and booth location. E-postcards are an excellent method of reaching potential and current customers. Sending them out to current customers creates a feeling of goodwill and builds trust. Sending them out to potential customers increases the likelihood of them contacting you. A trade show postcard is an inexpensive, useful way to connect with your customers, prospects, and business partners. Trade show postcards can be extremely effective, especially when they incorporate your company logo, key messages, and graphic elements. Ask them to share trade show postcards with their colleagues, friends, family, and clients.

Give your prospects some exposure to your brand. Give your target market a glimpse into your company’s personality. And most importantly, show your prospects that you’re more than willing to engage them face-to-face. Trade shows are a powerful way to meet face-to-face with customers and prospects. A well-executed trade show strategy will boost your sales and expand your customer base.

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