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Why You Should Consider Having Your Business Event Outdoors

If you hold your business events in a standard office meeting room this year, you may be missing a trick. Outdoor events can provide your employees and partners with fresh new inspiration and a change of pace while offering the guests and clients a less formal experience. It’s cool, refreshing, and energizing, and new venues and vendors can help you make your event memorable.

The question to ask when planning a business event outdoors is, “Why not?”

Outdoors offer a different sort of backdrop than indoor venues. You can get really creative outdoors, working with AV Companies to include projection mapping, visual entertainment, and experimental shows in your event. In any case, working in the great outdoors can be a surefire way to let attendees enjoy their event. And because the outdoor setting is so inviting, people are likelier to stay later, interact more, and be more attentive.

Outdoor venues are versatile, cost-effective, and memorable. They provide a canvas for various themes – from corporate events to community fundraisers to festive gatherings. Outdoor events also can educate and inform. Many outdoor venues provide amenities, including professional commercial landscaping and event tents. Outdoor venues also can accommodate all kinds of attendees. Whether you’re hosting dozens of people or hundreds, outdoor venues can provide the space you need.

Considerations for Planning a Business Outdoor Event

  • Type of Event – Planning an outdoor event can be a lot of work, and choosing the right venue can take the stress out of planning. But with so many venues available, how can you decide which one is right for you? While every venue has its own advantages, some are better for certain events than others.
  • Location – If you have an event planned, whether it’s a business meeting, trade show, or outdoor celebration, you’ll want to consider your outdoor event location carefully. From choosing a location that minimizes weather risks to choosing a place that’s easy to get to, many factors go into finding the perfect location for your event.
  • Weather – Regardless of the season, inclement weather is always possible. You may not always be able to predict it, but you need to be prepared when it does come. Your guests will need a way to stay warm, and if it is too cold, they will either not show up or go early.
  • Crowd Control – Planning an outdoor event? As an event planner, you want to plan the best possible event, creating lasting memories for your guests. But, you also need to plan for a crowd, and part of that process is to ensure that everyone is safe and has a great time. The biggest issue for outdoor events, however, is controlling crowd flow. However, with the right planning and tools, you can ensure a positive experience for all.
  • Security – Safety and security for your guests should be your number one priority since there can be unforeseen incidents. One way to do that is by having pti metal detectors (or similar devices from other companies) installed at every entry point. Doing so would help ensure that no weapons or other dangerous objects are being brought into the venue. Furthermore, if the event is expecting a lot of attendees, then you might need some help with keeping them safe as well. Hence, the decision to hire protective security services can be very crucial.
  • Restrooms – Are you hosting an event at a park? If so, you have a lot to ponder. But one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your bathroom situation. Think about the hours of use, various ages, and the type of event you’re hosting. Then, determine exactly what type of restroom you’re planning to use.
  • Food & Beverages – Planning a commercial outdoor event? Let’s assume the event is for your company or a non-profit. The choices you make for food and beverages will hugely impact your event’s success.
  • Lighting – Planning an outdoor business event? Lighting is an essential component of a successful outdoor event. The proper lighting can dramatically enhance the guest’s experience, providing a safe, beautiful environment for your guests.
  • Power – Business owners need to ensure they have sufficient power for their event, no matter the type of event. If it is a large event, like a convention, you will need to ensure you have enough power. Or, if you’re hosting a small outdoor event, such as a barbecue, it’s even more important to ensure you have enough power.
  • Accessibility – Considering accessibility planning is important in ensuring your event is successful. The planning starts before you schedule the event and includes everything from who to invite to possible obstacles or challenges.

Outdoor events can be extremely rewarding for a small business, helping you reach customers and prospects entertainingly. (It also doesn’t hurt that people love being outside!) But whether it’s an outdoor trade show or an outdoor festival, there are some considerations for planning outdoor events that you’ll want to keep in mind before you get started.

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