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Discussing The Potential Death of Traditional Arts and Crafts in The Modernized Society

As our society modernizes, we notice a trend of turning away from traditional arts and crafts. Many people believe that crochet and knitting are old-fashioned and boring and not something that should be taught in schools as it may not garner the same reaction it used to, as minimal people may take interest. We are not perfect in our artwork, especially when it comes to crocheting and knitting. But it is a very fulfilling hobby, one that has the potential to bring people together. Obtaining a craft that brings you joy is a lifetime endeavour that can teach you numerous life lessons.

A fairly significant portion of our lives is often spent in front of screens. And in recent years, smartphones and tablets have taken over as our primary method of connection to the internet and to the world. But there is a downside to this, and that drawback is the loss of depth and texture in our everyday lives. The downfall of the traditional arts is not that they are dying but rather that our society has become so modernized and digitized that we have forgotten what the art of life truly is. We have lost our connection to the arts, to the sense of depth, texture, and feeling, and as a result, we have also lost our connection to ourselves and each other.

Modern generation is a fan of new technology.

There have always been reasons why arts and crafts are dying out today. The rise of television and video games as entertainment sources has forced entertainment seekers to seek alternatives that are quicker and easier. This made arts and crafts activities less popular, including the type of arts and crafts which requires a lot of materials and time.

Kids do not have fun with these basic arts and crafts activities anymore as they do not give them the engagement that they want. Today’s generation are people who are not using techniques and materials to create art and crafts as they once were. They would rather move towards technology and what that can offer up for entertainment. However, it is important that traditional arts and crafts are kept alive in whichever way they can so that future generations are able to decide what they want to do, and businesses can keep selling.

Ways to protect arts and crafts from dying out:

  • Understand the global market. Undertake some research and find out what is going on in the arts and crafts industry today. Find out who is buying crafts, how they are buying them, and where they are selling them. It is quite easy to find information about this, and it will help those arts and crafts businesses craft a plan to appeal to others.
  • Recognize it as a source of supplementary income. Most people already know by now that to make money selling arts and crafts online; you will need to stand out. That means producing unique product ideas, developing high-quality products, and being willing to work hard. Offer something modern with arts and crafts so that people can connect with it, e.g., bringing in current trends.
  • Bring back the mixture of old and new designs. Many artists and craftsmen bring back a mixture of the old and new designs because it balances the Avant-grade and the traditional. 

Arts and crafts have been a great pastime for many people over the years, practically any age can undertake fun and interesting crafts and create something unique to them, so it is unfortunate that it has begun to die out due to how people want to consume their entertainment, i.e., smartphones, online gaming, etc. However, the industry has not fully left us, and people can still enjoy doing arts and crafts, they just need to be a bit more modernized for the younger generation to take notice again. It may prove to be beneficial, only time will tell.

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